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Basic mistakes to be avoided while designing a website

8 January 2016

In today’s era of internet technology, every next business is trying to build a position on web rather than running a physical business. With the increase in the number of website running on web, it becomes must for a business owner to avoid some simple mistakes while designing his business application. Some of the common mistakes which every next web designer does includes unreadable font, so many deep links or no direct access to the information page the customer is looking for, messed up home page, complicated domain name, high downtime of the site running on the server due to bad hosting and many more.   These mistakes effects the website performance and ultimately the business. Hence before designing a website, one must know these mistakes so that these can be avoided.

Direct contact details
Whenever a customer comes on your website, he should always be comfortable to find your contact details to reach you. There are many web applications who actually miss to give the contact information of the organization and is such cases user leaves the website and go for another. Always remember it is not only you who is running an online business, there are a number of other people providing the same service but with a different brand name.

Easy navigation
A website should be so easy to navigate for the information a user needs. So many deep links to reach an information page will make a user frustrate and he will without any delay leave your website. In such cases, always remembers that the time is the most precious thing and no user wants to waste it  and the design of the website should be impressive and appealing so that it makes the user to get stuck for a longer time.

Informational Home page
Try to avoid a messed home page. In today’s era, every next user is coming on your website to know about you. Hence, rather than just showing Google ads on the home page try to give some relevant information about your business and services you provide on the front page which impresses the user and forces it to see the inner pages for more information.

These small and simple mistakes not only lower the traffic but also make visitors to leave your website and go for another from the list. So try avoiding such mistakes and boost the efficiency of your online business.