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Some risky and must avoid Black Hat SEO techniques

15 July 2016

Another important task after creating a website is to make your website available on search engines. This is done through search engine optimization or SEO. While doing SEO, there are some clear rules to be followed. Rules defined in order to provide a safe and high quality assurance of user experience. Popular search engines like Google have laid some guidelines to be followed while working on digital marketing of your business running online.  Ranking high on famous search engines requires following current and changing SEO trends and constantly updating your procedures.

If we see the other side of coin, there are some people who try to fool search engines and try to achieve high ranks without working much on their websites or without following any rules. That’s what we call as black hat SEO.

Let us go through some risky black hat SEO techniques that must be avoided in order to be in safe hands of search engines.

Exchanging links or buying links for SEO is undoubtedly effective. In exchanging links there is no need to bother with the quality of the content. Another important fact is that the anchor text is an important strong Google ranking factor and thus is given importance. These two reasons improves the search engine rankings without even working much on your content and is thus classified as a serious black hat technique.

Some spammers post irrelevant content with their website link on famous or high ranked websites. Have you ever witnessed the situation where a newly submitted comment on your website turned out to be non-related promotional link. This is a spam content and spammers use this technique to promote their website links which is not acceptable in Google or search engine guidelines.

Duplicate Content
Duplicate content is nothing but a “copy and paste” content either on other domains or same page but making it invisible or commented. This copying of the same or irrelevant content is the content duplicacy. And always note, big search engines like Google black list the content copied on first made or first create basis.

Hidden Content
Copying the website content and pasting it on the same page but making it invisible or commented is another black hat SEO technique that must be avoided. Copying and keeping it hidden to prevent spoiling your website interface to users. Such invisible text includes text, a list of keywords, titles or links. This method makes keywords completely hidden from users but search engines can still detect and index them and helps to improve the ranking but is surely a black hat SEO and must be avoided.