Web Designing

Himon offers you a complete and right combination of design, technology, and understanding clients requirement in order to design a highly quality assured website . It is important to the successful completion of any of the professional website for the client to be equally involved in helping the project team to identify and understand their true wants and needs. Web designers act as both creative coach and translator of ideas. Converting ideas into concepts, understanding customer’s feedback and prototyping rapidly creates a nice and professional web site.

Following are the steps followed at Himon Web Solutions in order to design a layout with nice look and feel:

Step 1: Analyzing client’s Requirement Once a client has decided to build new website, it’s the responsibility of project team of Himon Web Solutions to understand client specific requirements. This can be done through a simple questionnaire for smaller sites, or may require many hours discussion for big projects. If a client already has specific text and images to be included in the web site it has to be shared with the designer, and the designer will in turn review it and share an opinion on the usefulness of the material supplied by clients. When all information has been received by client and collected by designer, task for the website design will get started immediately. Idea sharing and customer involvement is always appreciated.

Step 2: Go through design specification and decide way to start When design is prepared by designer, customer will have a specified design concept to review within a few days. After designing a layout (logo and entire brand) of the design, layout of the home page and first-level inner pages come first. This allows the client to view the site layout and how different information is provided at different pages and levels. Then, if client suggest for further refinement, designer do so according to client needs. In the case that the customer is unable to decide or doesn’t like the templates presented by the designer , additional designs will be presented to him. After a design layout has been chosen, changes to that design layout will be done until the customer is completely satisfied.

Step 3: Design review Once the client approves the design layout, detailed content will be added in the design. Content can be supplied in almost any format as a document in word format or in any other form such as email, or even scanned text. Content can also be created or written for the customer by our content writers. For images, content can be searched, purchased or created by the design team or can be supplied by the client. Just a description from client side helps the designer to pick the perfect images for the website. Or, if preferred, the client may choose the images themselves. In fact, often times the best design concepts are born of the images.

Step 4: Finalize your website. All concepts and revisions can be viewed online in order to finalize the web site layout by the designer. Once the customer is completely satisfied with the final layout of the website, high-quality website hosting is offered, or the website can be implemented at a third party host of the client’s choosing, as long as appropriate security access and necessary software tools are available.