Web Development

Himon Web Solutions provide you with Website Development process in a way to bring out client from confusion and chaos to having a nice and professional website. This is a step by step method to increase online business of an organization. At Himon this is initiated by analyzing the users requirement, after having defined by complete user’s requirement the designer’s start their process for designing the layout for the website in order to finalize the layout for the project. After having specified the design, coding part starts for complete functional specification for development of web site. When the development of website completes before uploading it on the remote server website under goes maintenance phase in which some changes are done in the site according to clients wish after which the site is handed over to client.

Himon Web Solutions located in Delhi, India uses PHP in creating Ecommerce websites for scripting and MySQL for database, so you will need your webhosting to support supports PHP and MySQL.

Himon Web Solutions follows the following steps in order to customize your website:

  • Specifying client’s requirement: Analyzing the complete user requirement.
  • Design specification: To design the web site layout in order to finalize it meeting the clients requirement
  • Functional Specification: Start with the development of web site at our local server.
  • Uploading and installing the site on remote server.
  • Managing the complete site according to client’s requirement for changes before hand over to client.
  • Key skills used by Himon India to be one of the leading website designing and development organizations are:

Languages: PHP,ASP, ASP.NET

Database: MySQL

Scripting Languages: JavaScript, AJAX

Content Management System: Joomla(Third Party Solutions — Integration) and Custom Development (Our own product)

Shopping Cart: Ecommerce and Custom Development with full order processing and keeping the complete record (Our own product)

Payment Gateways: PayPal and Bean stream or via Credit Card

Shipping Gateways: Canada Post and FedEx